CV Personal Statement Examples

It’s sometimes easier to write a personal statement once you’ve seen a few examples of how it’s done. The basic rule is that is should be a description of the most salient point of your CV, written in the truncated third person and numbering between five and ten lines. This in itself, though, may not give you a particularly detailed picture of what you should be writing and so the below (fictional) examples are included to give you some idea of what people might write for a personal statement.

Example #1, Used Car Salesman

“Second hand car salesman with over twenty years experience of buying, selling and valuing BMW’s. A consistent deal maker, ranking best salesman in the Berkshire region for two years running in 2011 and 2012. Possesses a strong mechanical background having been a car engineer in a previous career with this having proved an invaluable asset when it comes to valuing used vehicles.”

Example #2, Recruitment (Researcher)

“Junior researcher with strong telephone communications skills and the proven ability to open relationships from scratch. Highly computer literate and experienced in the use of industry standard database software (FileFinder v.10). An excellent memory and the ability to condense large amounts of information into concise presentations, printed reports and verbal briefings.”

Example #3, Web Marketer

“Web marketer and social media guru with an expertise in generating highly targeted web traffic from social media promotions. Has a solid track record having run campaigns generating upwards of 2 million views in six months to websites with little to no brand recognition and only a small extant readership. Skilled in HTML, javascript, java, PHP and MySQL.”

Some of these examples are better than others and their purpose is not necessarily to demonstrate what an ideal personal statement looks like. Nevertheless, they hopefully give you a rough idea of the form that one should take and the kinds of things to include and leave out. Statistics, concrete achievements and marketable skills are always big positives, for instance.

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